Çerez Örnek


International Computer Institue has started education at a historical building named "Sarı Köşk" (Figure 1) with the founder members  Prof.Dr.Aydın ÖZTÜRK, Prof.Dr.M.Cudi OKUR, Doç.Dr.Turhan TUNALI and Yrd. Doç.Dr.M.Emin DALKILIÇ in 1994.

sari_kosk.jpgThe first building of International Computer Institute (Sarı Köşk)

The education is categorised in two branch named as Information Technologies and Computer Science in the institute. The institute has a statute of multi-disipliner department that's related to Natural Science Institute and post graduate and doctorate education is performed as well as research activities by the instructors and research assistants. Most of the research projects awarded and lead in important subjects in national and international manner.


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