Educational Background




Post Doctorate


Information Technologies

Information Technology Group, Wageningen University of Research, Wageningen The Netherlands

Research: Model Finding and Completion in Domain-specific Modelling Languages

2009 - 2016



Information Technologies

Ege University, International Computer Institute, Izmir Turkey.

GPA: 95.8 / 100
Dissertation: A Domain-specific Modelling Language for Semantic Web enabled Multi-agent Systems

Scholarship: A bilateral project by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) under grant number 109E125 and Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) under grant number BI-TR/10-12-004.

2002 - 2005



Software Engineering

IAU-Arak University, Computer Engineering Department, Arak Iran.

GPA: 86.25 / 100
Thesis: A New Robust Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithm

Scholarship grant: IAU University - Shabestar, Iran

Graduated as the 2nd best student among 20 students

1997 - 2001



Computer Engineering

IAU-Shabestar University, Computer Engineering Department, Shabestar Iran.

GPA: 83.8 / 100
Thesis: A New Software based Robot Design and Implementation using C++

Graduated as the 2nd best student among 20 students

1994 - 1997

High School


Physics and Mathematics

Shamloo High School, Marand Iran.

GPA: 80.5 / 100