International Computing Institute offers Philosophy of Doctorate degree in related fields of computer science.

Aims and Objectives

A doctoral degree program is intended to enhance originality and creativity in research and teaching. It is expected to lead students to independent investigation of a problem in their fields, so that they can make a significant contribution to the existing body of knowledge. Thus the fundamental objective is to develop the skill and capacity to conduct original research in the acquisition of existing knowledge in the field.

Admission and Course Load

Applicants must have an M.S. or M.A. degree in a relevant field of computer science.

Each student's Ph.D. program is individually planned with an faculty member. In addition to successful completion of at least 25 units of course work above M.S. level in 3 semesters, the Ph.D. student is expected to pass a preliminary and a qualifying examination. After 4th semester, the student is required to prepare and defend a dissertation based on original research.

Doctorate Curriculum (all courses have 3 credit units)
First Term
Second Term
Third Term
  • UBE 5xx Restricted Elective
  • UBE 5xx Restricted Elective
Fourth Term
  • UBE 5xx Restricted Elective
  • UBE 690 Research Seminar
Qualification Examination
Acceptance of Research Request
Fifth Term
  • UBE 697 Research Seminar(non-credit)
Sixth Term
  • UBE 698 Research Seminar(non-credit)

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