Computer Infrastructure

ICI building has excellent networking infrastructure that includes fast Ethernet switches, state of the art structured cabling and UPS. There are four computer labs: 

Student Lab 
It's a free classroom for student studies or meeting with cable or wireless networking.

Unix Lab contains 
1 SUN Blade 1000 Server (Solaris 10) for students,
1 SUN 2xQuadCore x86 Server (Solaris 10) for academic works.
3 laptops, 2 PCs, 1 projector and 1 printer.

Linux Lab contains
4 computers in a cluster structure for parallel & distributed computing,
1 multicore server (with Linux operating system). 

Android Lab contains
12 PCs with Android oprating system PC
12 Android Set Top Box.  

Computer Vision Lab contains
1 Five-degree-of -freedom Rhino robot arm, 
1 PC based vision set with real-time capabilities, 
1 Laptop, IP camera.

Multimedia / Sensor Lab contains
1 PC, 1 laptop, 1 color printer, 1 projector.

Linguistic Lab contains
1 Laptop, 1 server for distance learning.


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